It’s a woman’s world!


Winning the lottery could be exciting. It is testing the strength of your luck against others and hoping for the best. For others, it is how much permutations, calculations and planning that goes into selecting winning numbers.

One thing strikes us the most though, most lottery winners in Nigeria have been women.
Yes, that’s the tea, our statement of fact to start the week.

Before you start your research into different online lottery companies in Nigeria and how many top winners they’ve had, let’s give you a case study of our brand. – Lotto27.

We begin with the story of Gbemi, a first time player on our platform. She has had no prior experience playing the lottery, and just went with sheer luck. In the first week she registered, she had amassed winnings of up to ₦30,000 from various games.


Then there is our star girl Binta. With one ticket she won the ₦10,000 raffle on her first try. She has gone ahead to win other raffle games since then. 

So who says the lottery is for the men alone? The women just seem to have more luck on their side. Or perhaps it’s because of their number, afterall, at the end of quarter 1, we had far more female players on our platform than men. Talk about challenging the common notion.

Well, this is not to say we haven’t had men who have soared. Just look at the player LuckyCourage, who has been nothing short of his name since he joined us.

At the end of the day, it might truly just be luck, or maybe, it’s just that women do it better. Who knows? We’ll review our stand when the lottery results come in.

We would go absolutely wild if a woman wins our dreamhouse lottery.

Come on sister, we are rooting for you.

What is Binance Coin ($BNB) and how can you gain from it?


Cryptocurrency has been a trending topic on social media lately. From Elon Musk buying up several million dollars worth of bitcoin, to Jack Dorsey donating to the End Sars protest through Feminist Coalition via bitcoin, cryptocurrency has come to stay as an acceptable tender.

Is it legal though? Many countries have come to accept this electronic currency as legal tender. In Nigeria however, the Central Bank in a daring statement outlawed cryptocurrency and sought to close down accounts of any who dealt in it. Their stand recently is still unclear but they have been reported to ease the restrictions.

How does understanding and owning a few coins benefit you though?

Binance Coin BNB
Binance Coin Logo

Cryptocurrencies like most currencies are volatile. It could appreciate or depreciate depending heavily on market forces. These forces usually surround the sale and purchase of this coin. Some investors have taken up a career in buying and selling cryptocurrency.

One of the most recent coin gainers as these cryptocurrencies are called is the BNB – the Binance Coin.

The Binance coin was created by the crypto exchanger Binance, and backed by its platform. This means that the coin can be used to buy other coins platform-wide. In the last 7 days, it has grown over 35%.

Why is this article talking about the Binance Coin above DogeCoin that has seen a growth of over 100% in the last 7 days? This is because of the importance and usefulness of owning a Binance Coin.

Since the Binance coin is acceptable platform-wide on Binance, it means it can give you early access buying rights to new coins breaking. What this means in plain language is, if there are new coins entering the market, they might not be available to everyone else. But as a BNB Coin holder, you have an exclusive right to snag up these coins once they are available on Binance.

Binance Exchange
Binance Exchange

Your processing fees are also reduced compared to others, and of course, the juicy part, when you purchase the coin and leave it over some period of time, you get profit from selling at a higher value.

So while we watch regulations closely on the legality of trading cryptocurrency in Nigeria, it would always be helpful to keep a close watch on new coins and trading trends.

Need disposable capital to begin your trading? Why not claim 5k from one of our instant games here. We always advise against spending all your winnings in one place. Your 5k could double if you buy the right coins.

You can tell us in the comment sections if there are any other coins you think we should be closely monitoring.

TGIF! 5 Ideas for a Jolly Weekend.


The weekend is finally here! For a moment, it looked like it wouldn’t come. Slowly but surely, we thank God it’s Friday. With great power to flex, comes a great weekend.

So, what are your plans? Netflix and chill with bae, hang out with the guys and argue UEFA champions league fixtures, or get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors.

We have created a 5-item list of things you can do this weekend that would leave you without a hangover and refreshed for the new week.

  1. Spa Session: Hold on with your full beards and masculine chest. Contrary to popular belief, spa sessions are not just for women. If you are a beautiful woman who regularly takes herself to the spa, you’re doing well. If you are a man that is yet to experience the relaxing sensation that comes with a good spa session, you don’t know what you are missing. It would give your week a new outlook, trust us.
  2. Chilling on the beach – ALONE: Not every time go to the beach with friends. Sometimes, go alone and just watch the waves while you contemplate some deep decisions you have been putting off. It would clear your mind than never before. Just don’t get addicted to solitude.
  3. Try a new restaurant: Yes, you have a favourite restaurant, but before it became your favourite, there was the first time. When was the last time you had another first time. “fink about it”.
  4. Visit an art gallery: It would surprise you to know there are several galleries aside from that one popular one the whole of Lagos seems to have visited. So go out, find one, support a local artist, and immerse yourself in the abstract. Your mind would appreciate the reset. While you’re there you could find great pieces that would hang in your dreamhouse when you win it.
  5. Visit the National Theatre: Yes, it still functions, and yes, you can have fun watching the live plays and enjoying pure art. There are always weekend plays you can look forward to. Take a break from the cinema, and try something different.

If you have any more ideas that stray a little from the norm, drop a comment, I’m sure we would love to try something new every weekend. Remember that you can get the boost to sponsor all this ‘waka’ when you win our jackpot by playing cruise here. Even if you do not match any balls, we still offer you 150% of your stake. Have a wonderful weekend.


8 Businesses You Can Start With ₦500,000


Making the rounds on social media is Nigeria’s current unemployment rate. According to Bloomberg, the rate of unemployment in Nigeria has moved to 33.3% that makes more than half of Nigeria’s Labour force unemployed.

What this means is that you probably know at least one unemployed person.  Sadly, thousands of graduates join the pool of jobseekers yearly with little hope of gaining employment that same year.

If you are currently out of a job, starting a business might seem like the quickest route to self-sustenance.  If you do have a job, a side hustle is an added security. We have even seen situations where side hustle became the main hustle.

If you are ready to start a business but wonder what to do, here are 8 businesses you can start with under ₦500k.

  1. Pastry Business:

    Capital expenditure would go towards owning an oven, baking tools and materials, and the cost for actual ingredients can come from an advance fee from your client.

  2. Football Viewing Centre:

    The most expensive capital project would be the shed which can cost as much as ₦300,000 depending on the size. Televisions are usually used units, and the cost of a DSTV dish plus a premium subscription for two decoders is about ₦50,000. You can save costs by constructing your shed close to adjoining walls.

  3. Web development:

    With a high-end laptop of about ₦350,000 and a few hours on Youtube, Udemy or any other self-learning site, you can be on your way to becoming a web developer using content management systems like WordPress or Joomla.

  4. Hire purchase:

    Buying a work machine, a motorcycle or some other equipment for another person’s use while you get daily or monthly remuneration can help you get along just fine.

  5. Delivery Services:

    This is a tricky one, as the cost for the motorcycle alone could almost exhaust your capital. The thing is to make sure you get a good deal for the bike and negotiate your rider’s salary. Use your immediate network to start and ask for referrals.

  6. Photocopy Business:

    A photocopying machine could cost below ₦100,000. The cost for rent around a school environment or office district could be around ₦200,000. ₦100,000 can be spent on a computer and other fittings, and of course, word of mouth advertisement would push your business.

  7. Food Vending:

    Food business would always sell. All you need is capital for the disposable plates, stickers and ingredients and you’re well on your way. Oh, you need to know how to cook too.

  8. Fashion Store:

    You can import used clothes, or other grades of merchandize from turkey or china with an initial capital of less than ₦200,000. You can set up a Facebook advert with less than ₦30,000 and start getting orders almost immediately.

In all, you would need a high level of accountability and discipline to succeed. You might be wondering where to get the ₦500,000 initial capital to even start any of the 8 businesses. We can help you there too. With a stake of ₦50, you could win our jackpot of ₦500,000. Just promise us you won’t spend it all in one day. Click here to begin. Good luck in your business endeavour, as you become employers of labour that our country desperately needs.

There’s no better motivation than money.


It’s Monday morning, and like all other Mondays, you wake up tired of having to go to work.

If you live in Lagos it means you would likely have to endure about 2 hours of traffic to get to the office. You would encounter difficult drivers that would want to test your patience or bus conductors that behave like they were sent to mess up your mood.

If you are a business owner, it means the week’s hustle has just begun. You start with prayers and hopes that you get customers. You arrange your tasks and the plan for the day and week that would offer the most efficiency.

Just right when you settle in your chair, you start to see different posts that try to motivate you on your contact’s WhatsApp statuses or Instagram. They will say the week is your week, or you have what it takes to win this week.

We agree with them, but you know what we think would make your week even ‘sweeter’? MONEY!

Imagine as you have settled in the office, while you are trying to drink your coffee, or you are heading out for lunch, you get a ₦500,000 credit alert. It would instantly put a smile on your face and get you pumped for the week.

We think money is therapeutic, it cures sicknesses, gives you a morale boost, and makes you happy. We even believe having money is even good for your mental health. It brings calm to your life and you take things more gently. So here is how you can get some money.

You can head over to our instant games and try out a few little stakes for the chance to win big. You could smile to the bank with ₦500,000 when you stake on our cruise game or win other instant rewards on our other casino games. Let’s lower your blood pressure with money.

If you need any more information or assistance, feel free to reach out to any of our customer care agents.

Win a Lagos Home for Almost Free


I’m sure you have seen the news when it comes to the housing deficit in Nigeria. Let’s skip the many figures and statistics and state one fact that we can all agree with – we need more homeowners in Nigeria and especially in Lagos.

House rent is becoming ridiculous (1million naira per annum for a 1 bedroom flat is just pure crazy), and the agents are building houses of their own with the equally absurd royalty they exhort from you. You’re basically paying almost half your rent as agent fees and commissions. “Why don’t you walk away?”, your uncle in Ekiti would probably ask. Well, because someone else in Lagos is ready to pay all those exorbitant fees. That same house that you’re contemplating in the morning might just be gone by afternoon.

If we go on and on about the issues with housing in Lagos, tempers and bad memories would start to rise. So let’s get back to the good stuff, which is how you can win a house in Lagos for ₦500, which is almost free right?

What you do is, choose your 9 winning numbers, stake ₦500 on the Dreamhouse lottery draws, if you match the numbers, your title changs instantly from “neighbour neighbour” to “Oga Landlord”.

To play, follow the dreamhouse lottery link. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions. We’ll be waiting to pour champagne on your head and help you delete all the agent numbers on your phone when you win.

How to Win the Lottery in Nigeria.


What’s your number strategy?

We mean, how do you pick your lottery numbers? We know some use their birthdays or the birthday of someone they love. Others have lucky numbers that have won them something in the past, while those who believe in technology might just let the system generate random numbers for them. Let’s not forget the professors that try to calculate the probability of a particular number occurring. That’s a lot of permutation and combination mathematics.

Oh, we almost forget one common lottery strategy – Prayer. Brother Paul is probably kneeling in church telling God how much he needs to win the dreamhouse or asking his Pastor to minister lottery numbers to him. I mean, who can deny the power of the Almighty.

For our dreamhouse lottery, you would need to pick 9 winning numbers, so what would your strategy be?

In some other lotteries in Nigeria or anywhere else, chances are you can predict the most occurring numbers and map out a pattern perhaps. This strategy would not work with the Dreamhouse lottery because as at publication of this post, we are just at our first draw. Maybe you can revisit this strategy later.

One strategy we do recommend however is picking several tickets. It gives you a better chance of winning. The more the tickets, the more likely you are to win. Also remember, the numbers are picked at random, so it would be better to pick your numbers at random too. We’d be shocked into a coma if the series 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 were to be the winning numbers. So don’t be scared to go wild with the array of number selection.

We also believe largely in luck. Yep, good old fashioned luck. We can’t see the future, but we sure would be glad if you were our dreamhouse winner. With that, we say good luck to you and see you at the live draws.

Lotto27 – play small, win big.



To play any of the Instant Games on the Lotto27 platform, you need to fund your wallet after signing up.

Follow these steps below on how to fund your Lotto27 wallet

  1. Log in to your Lotto27 account

Lotto27 Wallet

2. Click on the Naira sign at the top right corner of the screen

Lotto27 Wallet

3. Click on the “Add Funds” button

Lotto27 Wallet

4. Enter the amount you want to deposit (Please note, the highest amount you can deposit at once is ₦20,000)

Lotto27 wallet

5. Click on the payment options.

Lotto27 wallet

6. Select any of the payment options available(card option opens by default, you can click change payment method at the bottom of the popup or at the top right of the page) – There are several payment options we would explain under step 6.

Lotto27 wallet

6a. Pay with Card

You can securely enter your card details to deposit. Can use is authenticated by your bank via Paystack. Card information is not stored on

6b. Pay with Bank

Click the option “change payment method” and select. There is a limited number of banks that are supported under this method.

If your bank is supported, click it and follow the respective prompts.

Paystack Bank Payment- -Lotto27

6c. Pay with Transfer

You can fund your account by transferring to a Paystack virtual account number.

Once done, click “I have sent the money” and the funds would reflect in your Lotto27 wallet.

6d. Pay with USSD

You can pay directly using a USSD shortcode directly from your bank if you use any of the banks listed on the USSD option page.

6e. Pay with Visa QR

You can pay with QR code if it is supported by your bank.  You would need the payment page opened on your laptop, and your bank’s mobile app. Open your bank’s mobile app and select the pay with QR option. When prompted to scan, scan the QR code on the website generated.

7. Complete your payment and click on the “X” button at the top to continue

Lotto27 wallet

The amount deposited would be credited instantly to your wallet.

Click here to start playing!

Even Better Odds with Lotto27. Play to Win.


Ever wondered how many games you would need to accumulate to win ₦500,000 on bets? You would need at least 10,000 odds on a really long ticket with the possibility that Arsenal would ‘cut’ the ticket (No offense to Arsenal fans, una club just dey like cut ticket).  So, let’s introduce you to something better – Instant casino games on

With just ₦50 you get a chance to win ₦500,000 naira in 5 minutes. That’s faster than a 90-minute game. Play the cruise game, match the balls, and win. 

Here’s the breakdown of winnings you can possibly get in just one of our games…

Cruise Winning Table

The odds here are stacked in your favour. How about you give it a try. 

The popular saying is, if you don’t play the lottery, you don’t win. There are so many amazing games you can try; from cruise, thrill, ability, to pick 4. Look through our list of games, make a stake and we hope to see you emerge as winner. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to reach out on WhatsApp, or chat with us on the website. – Play small, and win big. 



Play the Lotto27 Thrill Casino Game. Stay on the edge!


Living up to its name, the thrill game is a suspense filled casino game. The adrenaline rush is unmatched by any other instant game. The draw keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Remember, it is an instant casino game and the draw starts as soon as you press the play button. Your wallet in credited as soon as you win.

To play, you can manually select your lucky five (5) numbers like our other games or let the system pick 5 random numbers for you.

You can  stake on more than one play at a time. Each play is ₦50 and you stand a chance to win the ₦25,000 jackpot. The maximum number of plays allowed at a go is 20.

How can I win?

In the Thrill game on Lotto27, there is only ONE way to win- You must match all 5 numbers to win the jackpot of ₦25,000.  Unlike the other games where there are consolation prizes, the excitement of the thrill game is that you have to match all numbers at once. To make it easier, you do not have to match all the numbers in the exact order they appear.

Click here to play and start winning.

Remember, play small, win big on Lotto27.