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Even Better Odds with Lotto27. Play to Win.


Ever wondered how many games you would need to accumulate to win ₦500,000 on bets? You would need at least 10,000 odds on a really long ticket with the possibility that Arsenal would ‘cut’ the ticket (No offense to Arsenal fans, una club just dey like cut ticket).  So, let’s introduce you to something better – Instant casino games on

With just ₦50 you get a chance to win ₦500,000 naira in 5 minutes. That’s faster than a 90-minute game. Play the cruise game, match the balls, and win. 

Here’s the breakdown of winnings you can possibly get in just one of our games…

Cruise Winning Table

The odds here are stacked in your favour. How about you give it a try. 

The popular saying is, if you don’t play the lottery, you don’t win. There are so many amazing games you can try; from cruise, thrill, ability, to pick 4. Look through our list of games, make a stake and we hope to see you emerge as winner. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to reach out on WhatsApp, or chat with us on the website. – Play small, and win big. 



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