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Cruise into Millions with Our Instant Casino Game


With just ₦50, you can cruise your way into half a million.

Unbelievable right? That’s why we are Lotto27, where you play small to win big!

We know you have a few questions to ask, that’s why you should keep reading as we break down our Cruise Instant Game for you!

The concept of the Cruise Casino Game is for you to pick 6 numbers from 48 numbers (from number 1 – 48) and stake your bet of ₦50. You can manually select your numbers (we know right, you already picked the date of birth of your loved ones in your head to win with) or you can just allow the system to randomly pick 6 numbers for you (after all you just want to win and can’t stress yourself thinking about the numbers to pick).

You can also play the same set of numbers multiple times to increase the chances of winning or you can simply click on the randomize button to allow the system pick different sets of numbers for you (why not? I also don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket sometimes).

So how exactly do you win?

It’s quite simple. The draw starts instantly and once you match all 6 numbers (it doesn’t even have to be in the same exact order. Amazing right?), you have won the jackpot and a whooping sum of 500,000 thousand Naira would be credited to your wallet instantly. Just like that, you have half a million naira to your name in your wallet that can be withdrawn instantly.

What if you don’t match all 6 numbers?

Remember when we said we are all about playing small and winning big? Well, we made sure you can still win, even if you don’t match all 6 numbers. When you match 5 numbers, you get credited ₦7,500 instantly to your wallet. If it’s 4 numbers you were able to match, you still get credited ₦1,250 instantly to your wallet. You matched 3 numbers, you still get credited ₦350 instantly to your wallet.

It still doesn’t end there at all. If you don’t match any number, you get credited ₦75 instantly to your wallet as consolation for playing. Who else pays you when you don’t match any number at all? Only Lotto27 does.

Remember, you only need ₦50 to play the cruise game. If you play multiple plays for one draw, you get your winnings multiplied by the numbers of plays (except for the jackpot)! So, if you match 5 balls and you played 20 plays, you get to win ₦7,500 multiplied by 20. If you matched 4 balls with 20 plays, you get credited ₦1,250 x 20 plays and so on.

What then are you waiting for? Play to win half a million on Nigeria’s best lottery website. 

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