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How to fund

To play any of the Instant Games on the Lotto27 platform, you need to fund your wallet after signing up.

Follow these steps below on how to fund your Lotto27 wallet

  1. Log in to your Lotto27 account

Lotto27 Wallet

2. Click on the Naira sign at the top right corner of the screen

Lotto27 Wallet

3. Click on the “Add Funds” button

Lotto27 Wallet

4. Enter the amount you want to deposit (Please note, the highest amount you can deposit at once is ₦20,000)

Lotto27 wallet

5. Click on the payment options.

Lotto27 wallet

6. Select any of the payment options available(card option opens by default, you can click change payment method at the bottom of the popup or at the top right of the page) – There are several payment options we would explain under step 6.

Lotto27 wallet

6a. Pay with Card

You can securely enter your card details to deposit. Can use is authenticated by your bank via Paystack. Card information is not stored on

6b. Pay with Bank

Click the option “change payment method” and select. There is a limited number of banks that are supported under this method.

If your bank is supported, click it and follow the respective prompts.

Paystack Bank Payment- -Lotto27

6c. Pay with Transfer

You can fund your account by transferring to a Paystack virtual account number.

Once done, click “I have sent the money” and the funds would reflect in your Lotto27 wallet.

6d. Pay with USSD

You can pay directly using a USSD shortcode directly from your bank if you use any of the banks listed on the USSD option page.

6e. Pay with Visa QR

You can pay with QR code if it is supported by your bank.  You would need the payment page opened on your laptop, and your bank’s mobile app. Open your bank’s mobile app and select the pay with QR option. When prompted to scan, scan the QR code on the website generated.

7. Complete your payment and click on the “X” button at the top to continue

Lotto27 wallet

The amount deposited would be credited instantly to your wallet.

Click here to start playing!

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