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There’s no better motivation than money.

Lotto Money

It’s Monday morning, and like all other Mondays, you wake up tired of having to go to work.

If you live in Lagos it means you would likely have to endure about 2 hours of traffic to get to the office. You would encounter difficult drivers that would want to test your patience or bus conductors that behave like they were sent to mess up your mood.

If you are a business owner, it means the week’s hustle has just begun. You start with prayers and hopes that you get customers. You arrange your tasks and the plan for the day and week that would offer the most efficiency.

Just right when you settle in your chair, you start to see different posts that try to motivate you on your contact’s WhatsApp statuses or Instagram. They will say the week is your week, or you have what it takes to win this week.

We agree with them, but you know what we think would make your week even ‘sweeter’? MONEY!

Imagine as you have settled in the office, while you are trying to drink your coffee, or you are heading out for lunch, you get a ₦500,000 credit alert. It would instantly put a smile on your face and get you pumped for the week.

We think money is therapeutic, it cures sicknesses, gives you a morale boost, and makes you happy. We even believe having money is even good for your mental health. It brings calm to your life and you take things more gently. So here is how you can get some money.

You can head over to our instant games and try out a few little stakes for the chance to win big. You could smile to the bank with ₦500,000 when you stake on our cruise game or win other instant rewards on our other casino games. Let’s lower your blood pressure with money.

If you need any more information or assistance, feel free to reach out to any of our customer care agents.

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