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TGIF! 5 Ideas for a Jolly Weekend.


The weekend is finally here! For a moment, it looked like it wouldn’t come. Slowly but surely, we thank God it’s Friday. With great power to flex, comes a great weekend.

So, what are your plans? Netflix and chill with bae, hang out with the guys and argue UEFA champions league fixtures, or get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors.

We have created a 5-item list of things you can do this weekend that would leave you without a hangover and refreshed for the new week.

  1. Spa Session: Hold on with your full beards and masculine chest. Contrary to popular belief, spa sessions are not just for women. If you are a beautiful woman who regularly takes herself to the spa, you’re doing well. If you are a man that is yet to experience the relaxing sensation that comes with a good spa session, you don’t know what you are missing. It would give your week a new outlook, trust us.
  2. Chilling on the beach – ALONE: Not every time go to the beach with friends. Sometimes, go alone and just watch the waves while you contemplate some deep decisions you have been putting off. It would clear your mind than never before. Just don’t get addicted to solitude.
  3. Try a new restaurant: Yes, you have a favourite restaurant, but before it became your favourite, there was the first time. When was the last time you had another first time. “fink about it”.
  4. Visit an art gallery: It would surprise you to know there are several galleries aside from that one popular one the whole of Lagos seems to have visited. So go out, find one, support a local artist, and immerse yourself in the abstract. Your mind would appreciate the reset. While you’re there you could find great pieces that would hang in your dreamhouse when you win it.
  5. Visit the National Theatre: Yes, it still functions, and yes, you can have fun watching the live plays and enjoying pure art. There are always weekend plays you can look forward to. Take a break from the cinema, and try something different.

If you have any more ideas that stray a little from the norm, drop a comment, I’m sure we would love to try something new every weekend. Remember that you can get the boost to sponsor all this ‘waka’ when you win our jackpot by playing cruise here. Even if you do not match any balls, we still offer you 150% of your stake. Have a wonderful weekend.


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