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Win a Lagos Home for Almost Free


I’m sure you have seen the news when it comes to the housing deficit in Nigeria. Let’s skip the many figures and statistics and state one fact that we can all agree with – we need more homeowners in Nigeria and especially in Lagos.

House rent is becoming ridiculous (1million naira per annum for a 1 bedroom flat is just pure crazy), and the agents are building houses of their own with the equally absurd royalty they exhort from you. You’re basically paying almost half your rent as agent fees and commissions. “Why don’t you walk away?”, your uncle in Ekiti would probably ask. Well, because someone else in Lagos is ready to pay all those exorbitant fees. That same house that you’re contemplating in the morning might just be gone by afternoon.

If we go on and on about the issues with housing in Lagos, tempers and bad memories would start to rise. So let’s get back to the good stuff, which is how you can win a house in Lagos for ₦500, which is almost free right?

What you do is, choose your 9 winning numbers, stake ₦500 on the Dreamhouse lottery draws, if you match the numbers, your title changs instantly from “neighbour neighbour” to “Oga Landlord”.

To play, follow the dreamhouse lottery link. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions. We’ll be waiting to pour champagne on your head and help you delete all the agent numbers on your phone when you win.

2 thoughts on “Win a Lagos Home for Almost Free

  1. Please how do I win? This would be a life saver.. because aside the official house we live in, we don’t have a house of our own…now one would ask how come? But believe me it’s true… can’t be putting out details here. All I pray is to win for my family 🙏

    1. Hello Rachel, we would love for you to win also. You can watch the tutorial on how to play here. If you have any further questions, chat us up on our live channels and we would be happy to assist you.

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