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How to Win the Lottery in Nigeria.


What’s your number strategy?

We mean, how do you pick your lottery numbers? We know some use their birthdays or the birthday of someone they love. Others have lucky numbers that have won them something in the past, while those who believe in technology might just let the system generate random numbers for them. Let’s not forget the professors that try to calculate the probability of a particular number occurring. That’s a lot of permutation and combination mathematics.

Oh, we almost forget one common lottery strategy – Prayer. Brother Paul is probably kneeling in church telling God how much he needs to win the dreamhouse or asking his Pastor to minister lottery numbers to him. I mean, who can deny the power of the Almighty.

For our dreamhouse lottery, you would need to pick 9 winning numbers, so what would your strategy be?

In some other lotteries in Nigeria or anywhere else, chances are you can predict the most occurring numbers and map out a pattern perhaps. This strategy would not work with the Dreamhouse lottery because as at publication of this post, we are just at our first draw. Maybe you can revisit this strategy later.

One strategy we do recommend however is picking several tickets. It gives you a better chance of winning. The more the tickets, the more likely you are to win. Also remember, the numbers are picked at random, so it would be better to pick your numbers at random too. We’d be shocked into a coma if the series 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 were to be the winning numbers. So don’t be scared to go wild with the array of number selection.

We also believe largely in luck. Yep, good old fashioned luck. We can’t see the future, but we sure would be glad if you were our dreamhouse winner. With that, we say good luck to you and see you at the live draws.

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