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It’s a woman’s world!


Winning the lottery could be exciting. It is testing the strength of your luck against others and hoping for the best. For others, it is how much permutations, calculations and planning that goes into selecting winning numbers.

One thing strikes us the most though, most lottery winners in Nigeria have been women.
Yes, that’s the tea, our statement of fact to start the week.

Before you start your research into different online lottery companies in Nigeria and how many top winners they’ve had, let’s give you a case study of our brand. – Lotto27.

We begin with the story of Gbemi, a first time player on our platform. She has had no prior experience playing the lottery, and just went with sheer luck. In the first week she registered, she had amassed winnings of up to ₦30,000 from various games.


Then there is our star girl Binta. With one ticket she won the ₦10,000 raffle on her first try. She has gone ahead to win other raffle games since then. 

So who says the lottery is for the men alone? The women just seem to have more luck on their side. Or perhaps it’s because of their number, afterall, at the end of quarter 1, we had far more female players on our platform than men. Talk about challenging the common notion.

Well, this is not to say we haven’t had men who have soared. Just look at the player LuckyCourage, who has been nothing short of his name since he joined us.

At the end of the day, it might truly just be luck, or maybe, it’s just that women do it better. Who knows? We’ll review our stand when the lottery results come in.

We would go absolutely wild if a woman wins our dreamhouse lottery.

Come on sister, we are rooting for you.

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